Celebrating a century of radiance


Crafting Elegance, Redefining Excellence

Kota Gold, synonymous with unwavering commitment, embarks on a journey to redefine your experience. We present an exquisite assortment of traditional and contemporary gold and
diamond jewellery, where every piece is a manifestation of artistry. Alongside, our offerings extend to a realm of services encompassing jewellery customisations.

Integrity is the cornerstone of our ethos. Kota Gold is celebrated for its principled and transparent practices, a beacon of trust within Coimbatore's jewellery realm.In the heart of our collection gleams the elegance of Nagas jewellery sets. Join us on a journey where each piece resonates with excellence, where your moments are adorned with brilliance.

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Gold Adornments & Diamond Clusters.

Kota Gold’s artisans are renowned for crafting the best Nagas Jewellery in Coimbatore. Our best jewellery shop in Coimbatore is known for offering exquisite pieces that are truly works of art. Each jewellery creation is meticulously designed to enhance the inner beauty of every woman, drawing inspiration from the rich traditional beliefs and cultural motifs of South India. Visit our shop to explore the finest collection of Nagas Jewellery and experience the beauty of our craftsmanship firsthand.

At Kota Gold, we stand as the pinnacle of renowned elegance in Coimbatore.  Our esteemed establishment boasts a diverse array of jewellery collection’s which include delicate light weight adornments to bridal master pieces. Every creation is an epitome of artistry, meticulously handcrafted to unveil the innate allure of each woman, a masterpiece of her uniqueness.

Senthil Kota’s legacy, embraced by excellence, illuminates the design landscape of Coimbatore. Acknowledged by the World Gold Council and receiving the distinguished Swarnanjali Award crowns our commitment to design mastery. Our innovative and visionary designs stand as a testament, shaping the industry with brilliance from concept to realisation.

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Gram 22K Today 24K Today
1 gram 6,615 7,216

Bespoke Creations by Kota Gold

At Kota, we excel in crafting personalized jewellery that captures the essence of your unique style. Our skilled artisans bring your vision to life with precision and elegance, ensuring that every piece is a true reflection of your individuality. Experience the art of customisation with us!


Kota gold, an esteemed name in Coimbatore, standing tall at the bustling Cross Cut Road, bears a legacy spanning over 100 illustrious years. Crafting and offering captivating antique gold jewellery, our brand stands as a hallmark of trust, nurtured over generations.

The visionary mind behind this timeless institution was Senthil Dhruva Kota, who possessed an unparalleled eye for precision and innovation. In 1996, Senthil Kota embarked on a transformative journey, transitioning from the wholesale realm to the retail market, thus birthing the Kota Jewellers showroom. Today, this enterprise stands as a paragon of respect in the jewellery landscape of Coimbatore, under the capable leadership of  Shri Senthil Dhruva Kota.

B R Nataraj Chettiar

Dhuruva Kumar Kota

Senthil Dhuruva Kota

Prapanjj Senthil Kota

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Celebrating A Century Of Radiance

Celebrating a century of brilliance, BRN and Kota Gold stand as pillars of legacy, weaving
stories of tradition and trust. For 100 years, our journey has been adorned with the sparkle of
timeless craftsmanship and the embrace of loyal patrons. Join us as we honor our heritage and
embark on a new chapter of excellence.

Our Saving Scheme

Santhosam Scheme

Scheme Period: 11 Month

Monthly Deposit: 1000/- & multiples of 100/- (Max. Rs. 10,000/- per month) Value will be converted to wt. of gold on date of payment

Bonus: Buy gold jewellery after 11 months without any value additions (up to 18%)* Maturity: Gold Jewellery bought for the Total gold saved without any value additions (up to 18%)*

Santhosam Scheme

Scheme Period: 11 Month

Monthly Deposit: Flexible minimum deposit of Rs.2000 or multiples of 1000.

Bonus: Purchase gold jewellery after 11 months with up to 18%* off on value addition charges, based on the total weight of the gold you have saved.

One Time Instalment Scheme

Scheme Period: 11 months

Monthly Deposit: One time deposit (Full value conversion to gold weight)

Bonus: After 11 months, acquire jewellery with the weight of the saved gold at zero additional charges.


Scheme Period: 11 months

Monthly Deposit: Fixed minimum deposit of Rs.10,000 or multiples of 5000.

Bonus: Amount of 1 month instalment paid


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Where Grace and Elegance Merge in Timeless Splendor.


Sparkling brilliance meets artistry in every facet.


Unleash Your Style with Grace and Glamour.

What's to love about us

We have been purchasing some antique jewels from Kota. It’s been very nice experience in terms of presentation, suggestions and the collections. The antique collections are amazing. We thank the whole team who supported us.

Kannan Sundaram

Collection is very good and staff is very professional and well done show all the items very nicely. We happened to purchase so many time for kids and wife though I came for just one item. It’s place to visit for jewelry shopping

Raj Sudheer

A must visit place .We can get to see Beautiful collections and lovely designs at KOTA showroom. Am very happy with my purchases with them. And very exited for my next shopping. Thank you very much Team Kota especially Ms. Sri Vidhya for all your support during my shopping.

Manasa Gangotri N

It was a great shopping experience in Kota Gold with these beautiful ladies, very friendly & humble

Ashika Sunnar

Unique designs and friendly staff. Sri Vidhya in sales helped us a lot in selecting the right jewel based on our taste.

Senthil Prabu K

Exclusive design always. Happy that we are part of kota gold. Customer service is excellent.

Sampath Kumar

Energetic staff and very well organized. Customer service is excellent. Needless to say a variety of unique designs and diamond collections are classy. I never return empty handed whenever I visit Kota Gold jewelery.

Mrs Malathy


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22ct - Rs.6730/gm