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Gold Adornments & Diamond Clusters.

At Kota Gold, we stand as the pinnacle of renowned elegance in Coimbatore. Our esteemed establishment boasts a diverse array of gold jewellery, ranging from delicate adornments to elaborate diamond clusters. Every creation is an epitome of artistry, meticulously handcrafted to unveil the innate allure of each woman, a masterpiece of her uniqueness.

Senthil Kota’s legacy, embraced by excellence, illuminates the design landscape of Coimbatore. Acknowledged by the WGC and receiving the distinguished Swarnanjali Award crowns our commitment to design mastery. Our innovative and visionary designs stand as a testament, shaping the industry with brilliance from concept to realisation.

100 Years

Enduring Legacy Since 1924

Kota Jewellers, an esteemed name in Coimbatore, bears a legacy spanning over 100 illustrious years. Crafting and offering captivating antique gold jewellery, our brand stands as a hallmark of trust, nurtured over generations.

The visionary mind behind this timeless institution was Senthil Dhruva Kota, who possessed an unparalleled eye for precision and innovation. In 1996, Senthil Kota embarked on a transformative journey, transitioning from the wholesale realm to the retail market, thus birthing the Kota Jewellers showroom. Today, this enterprise stands as a paragon of respect in the jewellery landscape of Coimbatore, under the capable leadership of Senthil Kota’s son, Shri Senthil Dhruv Kota.

Crafting Elegance, Redefining Excellence

Kota Gold, synonymous with unwavering commitment, embarks on a journey to redefine your experience. We present an exquisite assortment of traditional and contemporary gold and diamond jewellery, where every piece is a manifestation of artistry. Alongside, our offerings extend to a realm of services encompassing gold loans and meticulous repairs.

Integrity is the cornerstone of our ethos. Kota Gold is celebrated for its principled and transparent practices, a beacon of trust within Coimbatore’s jewellery realm.In the heart of our collection gleams the elegance of Nagas jewellery sets. Join us on a journey where each piece resonates with excellence, where your moments are adorned with brilliance.